Congratulations to the Winners and all our Contestants!

And here are the Results from the European Fleece Show!


Supreme Champion Huacaya

Alpacajoy Lasarus 91,5p – Alpacajoy of Norway


Supreme Champion Suri

La bella bionda Bianca at Bokedala 83,5 p – Suri@Bokedala


SM in Alpacka Fleece

Österlen Alpackas Tiddelipom 87,5p – Louise Forssell


We thank our judge Diane Marks and her assistent Sue Richards for giving us such a special day. Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom about alpackas! We enjoyed very much the seminar Sunday and hope to see you soon again!


White Champion Suri

La bella bionda Bianca at Bokedala 83,5p – Suri@Bokedala

White Reserve Champion Suri

Österlen Alpackas Tabasco 71p – Pelles i Sunnaryd


Fawn Champion Suri

Bastien at Bokedala 82,5p – Suri@Bokedala

Fawn Reserve Champion Suri

Sundance at Bokedala 81p – Suri@Bokedala


White Champion Huacaya

Alpacajoy Lasarus 91,5p- Alpacajoy of Norway

White Reserve Champion Huacaya

Ringwood Skywalker 90,5p – Alpakazuchthof Oberberg


Fawn Champion Huacaya

Flanders Arequipa ET 85p – Alpaka Glück

Fawn Reserve Champion Huacaya

Emporia Panduro 84,5p – Emporia Alpacka


Brown Champion Huacaya

Flanders Amina ET 78,5p – Alpaka Glück

Brown Reserve Champion Huacaya

Alpacajoy La Luna 75,5p – Alpacajoy of Norway


Grey Champion Huacaya

Österlen Alpackas Tiddelipom 87,5p – Louise Forssell

Grey Reserve Champion Huacaya

Emporia Avalon 78,5p – Emporia Alpacka


Black Champion Huacaya

Alpakka Nittedal Spinner 81,5p – Alpakka Nittedal

Black Reserve Champion Huacaya

Alpakka Nittedal Tiny 78p – Alpakka Nittedal


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Alpaca & Friends European Fleece Show Catalogue