Alpaca Festival 2019 in Skåne Tranås!

Saturday 10th August – International Fleece Show

Sunday 11th August – Seminar ”Alpaca Breeding – Goals and Evaluation”

Judge of the year

We are honoured to welcome judge Barbara Hetherington from Beck Brow Alpacas in England to this years show! Barbara is an authorized BAS-judge since 2017 and has already judged at several halter and fleece shows in both England and the European mainland. Since 15 years she has continuously studied the alpaca and its fleece vigourusly. In her breeding of huacaya, and since 2016 also suri, she only uses top genetics, which has given her great success with her breeding and in the showring. She has a key role and strong envolvement in the organizing of many of the bigger shows in England. We very much look forward to take part of her profound experience as a judge during Saturdays Fleece Show and also as a breeder at the Sunday seminar.

News no 1 – Fleece test!

All fleeces entered in the Show will be tested by the AAFT ( for micron etc, which is included in the entry fee of 250,- per fleece. Paul Vallely and Carita Saarinen from the AAFT will be available at the Saturday show from 9am-4pm if you would like to test other animals in your herd. Price list can be found at, start up fee will not be charged. You will have a total evaluation of your herd and how you can use the results in your breeding plan.

News no 2 – Spinners Choice!

Our spinning judges Lisa Johansson, Sara Gjerdet and Boel Hjalmarsson will be appointing the Spinners Choice of the day!

News no 3 – Category Light Fawn

This year we also have a Light Fawn Category!

SM in Alpaca Fleece

For the third year we announce a Swedish Master in Alpaca Fleece! The price goes to the swedish owned fleece with the overall highest points!


What is a Fleece Show?

In the alpaca world there are 2-3 kinds of shows/competitions. In the halter show you show the animal, in a fleece show only the fleece is evaluated. The Fleece Show is a fantastic way to have a professional and profound evaluation of the fleece, meanwhile transportation of the alpaca is avoided.

The fleece should be prepared thoroughly before entering the show. Already at the shearing the shearer should be informed the fleece will be a ’show fleece’.  It is cut in a special way, rolled up and put in a paper bag. We kindly ask you to avoid cloth or other material that can cause static electricity and make the fleece difficult to judge. Before the fleece is sent to the Show is should be skirted, see more information about ’Skirting’. At the Show the judge will examine the fleece according to a specific protocol where many different qualities are evaluated.


Fleece Show rules

– membership in Alpaca & Friends

– the alpacans age the day it was shorn

– huacayas must be shorn yearly and the fleece cannot be older than 15 months. Suris must be shorn regularly and the fleece may not exceed 36 months

– the colour of the alpaca close to the skin at the midside the day the alpaca was shorn. If in doubt the judge will decide the colour category at the show

– every participating fleece will get a written evaluation from the Judges Score Card

– all fleeces will this year be tested by the AAFT which is included in the entry fee

– contestants must accept the judges desicion and this cannot be disputed


Entry forms

The entry form to be sent to the 15th of July at the latest together with payment to Iban SE0395700000005251231592 BIC SPSDSE23 Alpaca & Friends. Nb!! Please mark the payment with your name!

Price each fleeces:  250 SEK up to 9 entries, 10 and more 200 SEK/fleece

Price membership: 250 SEK

Price workshop: 850 SEK per person, including light lunch and refreshments

The fleece to be folded once (huacaya) and put in a paper bag. Please avoid cloth or other material which can cause static electricity. Please send the parcel to:

Catharina Brorman, Ryadalsvägen 103-12, 275 71 Lövestad, Servicepoint Malmgrens Lotteriservice, Storgatan 35, 275 71 Lövestad (all address is needed), 22nd July at the latest. Each fleece should include Fleece ID inside the fleece and Name tag with the owners name and adress plus the Alpacas name, on the outside of each fleece.

These documents are important:

  1. Entry form mailed to
  2. Fleece ID to be put inside each fleece
  3. Name tag to be put outside each fleece
  4. Skirting info to be studied thouroughly for best result!

Entry form

Fleece identification

Name Tag



HUACAYA White Light Fawn Fawn Brown Grey/Roan Black
6-11 months Female 100 101   102 103 104 105
Male 106 107   108 109 110 111
12-23 months Female 112 113   114 115 116 117
Male 118 119   120 121 122 123
­>24 months Female 124 125   126 127 128 129
Male 130 131   132 133 134 135
SURI White Light Fawn Fawn Brown Grey/Roan Black
6-11 months Female 150 151   152 153 154 155
Male 156 157   158 159 160 161
12-23 months Female 162 163   164 165 166 167
Male 168 169   170 171 172 173
­>24 months Female 174 175   176 177 178 179
Male 180 181   182 183 184 185



1st and 2nd place will be given in every class, if the total points is 60 or higher.

In every colour there will be appointed a colour champion and a reserve colour champion.

A Supreme Champion Suri and Supreme Champion Huacaya will be given to the respective fleece with overall most points.

Winner of the title SM (Swedish Master) in Alpaca Fleece will be given to the swedish owned fleece with highest points.

Winner of the title Spinners Choice will be given to the fleece chosen by a Jury of Spinners.


We also have competitions with sponsorprices, a chance for participants being on site to win prices!



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or

Anne-Line Scheele +46 76 768 1720.